Hardfork | where Blockchain meets the screen
A crypto-noir thriller set in a futuristic world where decentralized and centralized factions come clashing together in a climatic crossroad.
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In a dystopian future governed by unfeeling AI, a genius coder triggers a digital financial crisis, throwing him into a deadly power struggle between governing elite and decentralized extremists; now he must solve the riddle of his past and fight to reprogram the AI without destroying society.



christopher james baker_

Ozark (2017), The Purge: Election year (2016) HBO’s True Detective (2014), Sanctum (2011), The Condemned (2007)

naomi brockwell_

Cap South, Stossel, Subconscious, Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt?

elia monte-brown_

Madam Secretary, The Affair, Little Men, Search Party

erinn ruth_

Billions, Blindspot, Stags, Law & Order: SVU



Comprised of blockchain specialists, crypto-influencers, Sundance alumni filmmakers and Hollywood talent, the HardFork Team have joined forces as a high caliber sci-fi entertainment company creating a multiverse of offerings.

doug karr_

director/writer_ doug’s films screened at over 50 festivals including Sundance and won multiple awards including 3 Cannes Lions.

eric vance walton_

acclaimed American author of eight books and Thurber Treat award winner, Eric is among the first to publish a novel on the blockchain.

christopher james baker_

established Hollywood actor and writer working in the industry since 2000.

naomi brockwell_

producer who has worked for Stossel, ReasonTV, Fox News Channel, she produced the Lionsgate thriller “Subconscious” as well as multiple award-winning docs.

matt niemerg_

distributed Ledger Technology Expert, Matt holds a Ph.D. in Mathematic and is an ex-IBM Research team member.



Pushing technological boundaries through mobile, VR/AR games that will allow thrilling gameplay with a plethora of HardFork digital assets. Evolving the landscape of storytelling, monetization, and play.



This is where you come in. The entire gamified HardFork landscape will be intimately accessible for fans to engage directly with the narrative. An entire transmedia landscape at your fingertips.



jason king_

CEO of Academy, the world’s first fully accredited school for Blockchain. Founder of Unsung, an app that leverages the sharing economy to end food waste and hunger. His organization Sean’s Outpost uses cryptocurrency to provide meals for homeless.

matt mckibbin_

Founder and Chief Decentralization officer of DecentraNet, a full-service blockchain consulting firm. Matt is also a founding member of Trive, a Strategic Advisor at Securrency, and a Strategic Advisor at Humaniq.

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